I’m going out for a run wrapped in cling film. This is how I’m going to lose weight!!!

NO, at the very least you’ll soil more dragonballporn clothes and lose more water in the form of sweat. In addition to not being effective, it is not advisable from a health and performance point of view at cbdschool.

When there is a large production of sweat, this has an immediate effect on the decrease in plasma volume (liquid part of the blood). Decreasing the plasma, the blood becomes thicker, forcing a greater cardiovascular effort, since the heart has to pump throughout the body not a very liquid substance (good hydration), but something thicker and viscous (dehydration) .

Weight Loss vs. Weight Loss

Our body is basically made up of water, which together with other structures such as bones, viscera, muscle and fat determine our body weight.

The slimming relates to the loss of adipose tissue (fat), which can occur with the loss, maintenance and even increase in body weight. The maintenance or  weight gain during weight loss occurs due to the increase in muscle mass, in this case, we lose fat and gain muscle, a phenomenon associated with the proper planning of training and diet, which was one of the subjects of the Leadership Summit for Athletes . This process is chronic, it occurs in the long term, interfering with our metabolism and generating changes in our body composition.

Acute weight loss, that is, rapid and momentary, is usually associated with the loss of water from our body. This loss of water can be triggered, for example, by the process of our body’s thermoregulation mechanism.

The correct strategies to lose weight are those that enhance the use of fats as an energy substrate during or after exercise, in this way, intense activities with high caloric expenditure, which increase metabolism after exercise and interfere with lean mass gain are the main ones. ways to encourage weight loss.

For this, you should choose suitable clothes that favor thermoregulation, moisturizing yourself correctly (Hydrate yourself, your body will thank you) before, during and after the activity.

Do not confuse weight loss caused by water loss with weight loss, they are different processes and they also have different strategies. Look for a qualified professional and always think about your health.

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